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The power of a voice.


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Pairing: Twelve/Lisa

She laughs and it’s the most beautiful vision. How did he not see before?

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people hating on Levy right now make literally no sense to me??? LIKEEE OK you know the person you care deeply about is in dire danger, you’re running around trying to find him, you come across him…he’s about to drown PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOUR THOUGHTS ARE GOING TO BE COHERENT…..


What is happening with this fandom?


Okay, I know I’m supposed to be on semi-hiatus but I can’t remain here without saying anything.
lucysenpaii informed me of what is happening and, really, what the hell Gruvia fandom? What. The. Hell.
I’m so mad and upset now that I can’t even find words.

Before starting I want to say that…

That’s right. As long as he’s with me, everything’s okay. 

That’s right. As long as he’s with me, everything’s okay. 

"I was never able to repay you for any of your kindness …" - Gajeel Redfox, Fairy Tail Ch. 397 [x]

All my life was dedicated to you.
What a beautiful life I lived.

That’s right! I should have used my air magic to begin with… how embarrassing!


Wanted to try this 3D GIF thing out ft. Mako.